Change the MongoDB log timestamp from UTC

Hello together,
my name is Gregor from Germany and I have a question regarding timestamps. MongoDB stores the LogFiles in collections with a timestamp in UTC. Is there a way to manipulate this timestamp so that directly when the log is created the timestamp for my timezone is used?

Greetings from Germany and thanks in advance for the help

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Gregor_Wachter !

Can you provide some more details on your environment:

  • version of MongoDB server
  • host O/S and version
  • command you are using to start mongod
  • your local timezone (for example, via output of date on Linux)

By default the MongoDB server should use the local server timezone for logging (iso8601-local format) per systemLog.timeStampFormat.

If your host environment is set to something other than UTC, I would check your MongoDB configuration file to see if the timeStampFormat has perhaps been set to iso8601-utc.


Thanks for the quick reply
I am using MongoCommunity 4.2 locally on a Windows 10 PC. There is nothing in the MongoDB configuration regarding the timestamp format.
In the local collection startup_log of the database I get the startTimeLocal in addition to the startTime which is in the correct timezone. Is there any way to manipulate the timestamp for events in a specific database? I have created a database that stores data on a regular basis. Since I export this data from the database later, the correct timestamp would be particularly relevant for me here. My timezone is Germany, Berlin with +0200 compared to UTC