Change Stream with changable pipeline

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I have an application that uses a change stream to watch incoming information. However, there is a use case that pipeline of the change stream will be updated from other sources. I cannot predict the input, it is user related.

Is there a suggested way to update the pipeline for a change stream? I am using mongocxx. Mongocxx example is mostly welcomed, other language/general suggestions are also appreciated.


it might be a rare case as i cannot find much information about this problem. however, i think it could a case people will run into.

ok, there is no answer which means it is either not a problem, or it is an unsolvable problem…i will do some work around then lol

Hi @Kong_Ip welcome to the community!

Currently I don’t believe there is a way to change the pipeline other than creating a new changestream. From the Python example in

pipeline = [
    {"$match": {"fullDocument.username": "alice"}},
    {"$addFields": {"newField": "this is an added field!"}},
cursor =
document = next(cursor)

The pipeline is part of the creation of the change stream itself, so I don’t think it can be modified once it’s created.

An alternative would be to get everything from the change stream (without any pipeline), pass the output to a second process that can filter it, then pass that output to the final destination. You can design the second process to have modifiable filters (which could be in any language).

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thanks very much Kevin.

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