Change MongoDB Enterprise to MongoDB Community

I have a sharded cluster of MongoDB 4.4.x Enterprise. I want to change the engine to the community.
I’d like to know about considerations during this process.

[Engine Replacement Scenario]

  1. Disable the Balancer

  2. Change the Config Servers

  3. Change the Shards

  4. Change the mongos instances

  5. Re-enable the Balancer

  1. If the internal engine is In-memory, is it right to change the Configuration File Option only because the data format is the same as WiredTiger?

  2. If Enterprise-only features such as Encryption and KMIP are also disabled in Configuration File Option?

  3. For Ops Manager, do I just have to remove it? Do I have to do something separately in Ops Manager before working?

  4. I’d like to know if there are any other considerations.