Change IP whitelist in Atlas

Hello !

I changed the IP whitelist expecting to see a reconfiguration of the replica set and track this on the Connection (I think) panel in Atlas UI.

AFAIK to do it locally we should stepDown the primary, and so forth. But I couldn’t notice any change for the servers in Atlas.

I’ve checked the oplog, waiting to see something there, but there is nothing like that neither.

Probably I got confused. Any ideas here? Shouldn’t this trigger an election?

PS: the UI is absolutely amazing

I really really do not know how Atlas handles the IP white list issue. But, with my experience, I would think that this is handled by at a lower level than the application level, mongod in this case. I would assume it is more a firewall issue and that mongod is not even aware when a non white-listed connection is attempted.


Oops, that makes sense. Thanks @steevej :slight_smile:

I should’ve run rs.config() but many of those commands are not allowed, so I didn’t even try.

i’LL wait in case anyone wants too add up.

Atlas manages the IP Access List firewall at the level of the compute instance in the target VPC/VNet, e.g. above the MongoDB database itself


Thanks for the clarification.

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