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If I’m understanding correctly, the MongoDB Developer Certification is a single cert with a choice of what language you want in the exam, is this correct? Or are each certification exam its own Developer Certification?

So if I took the Node.JS Dev Certification exam, would it be the exact same certificate as completing the C# and Java exams? Or are each of these individually distinguished? Meaning I’d have to take all 3 exams to get all 3 certifications?

Hey @Brock,

Yes, you are correct. The Associate Developer Exam is conducted in four different languages and you can take it in the language of your choice. You don’t need to clear all four languages to get your certification - you just need to clear it in one language of your choice.

C# exam will contain questions pertaining to the C# driver and the same goes for the Java, python or node exams. They all share a common set of core questions. Only section 6 - Drivers of the exam will be presented according to the programming language selected during registration. Clearing anyone will give you the Associate Developer Certification, so you don’t need to take all three unless you want to.

Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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