Certification Extended Time

Hi, I scheduled the certification exam and sent mail to certification@mongodb.com to avail extended time accommodation for Non-English speakers. I have not got any response.

Does anyone already tried this? also do we know how much extra time we get ?. If we reschedule the exam, do we need to again work with certification team to get it extended?

Thank you.

@gowthamang We apologize that you never received a response. However, I searched for your requests and I was not able to locate any of your emails. For this accommodation, we grant our candidates 60 minutes extra of exam time. You do not need to reach out to us again if you reschedule the exam. Please email certification@mongodb.com for further questions.
In the future, if you have not received a response from the Certification team by 72 hours, please email your request to learn@mongodb.com

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