Certification Exam infos

Hi everyone, I would like to have the following information:

  • the purchase of the voucher has an expiry date
  • I can take the exam at any time or I have to book the date
  • what is the minimum percentage of passing the exam.
    Thank you

@Antonella_Dimasi Hello! Thanks for reaching out.
-the purchase of the voucher has an expiry date? Once you purchase the exam, it does not expire and you do not need to schedule until you are ready.

  • if I can take the exam at any time or do I need to reserve the date? We recommend reserving a date. But yes, you are able to take the exam on-demand IF there is availability at that time.
  • what is the minimum passing percentage? When you complete your exam you will receive as pass or fail result along with a report of how well you did in each of the exam topic areas (represented in percentages). We do not share a breakdown at the question level to keep our exam content secure. To see the exam topics and objectives and to learn how to prepare please reference our exam guides:
    Associate Developer Exam Guide
    Associate DBA Exam Guide

Please reach out to certification@mongodb.com with any further questions.
Thank you!

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