Certification exam coupon - DBA exam

Hi, I’m Jéssica, I finish my studies path in mongo university.
How I do to obtain 50% off on the exam.
If this ´s coupon how i get it?

I want to do de exam in this month yet.

  1. In the case of MongoDB Korea, the coupon was distributed during its own event period.

  2. I remember that there was an additional coupon entry box when I booked and paid for the test, and I think I entered the coupon number in that box and used it.

Hi Jessica and welcome to the forums!

You will be given your 50% certification discount voucher automatically when you complete a learning path in MongoDB University. You should receive an email to whichever email address you used for your MongoDB University account.

if you are a member of MongoDB for Students, you are eligible for a 100% discount voucher after completing a MongoDB University learning path. If the email address you used to sign into your MongoDB for Students account is the same as your MongoDB University account, you will receive your discount code automatically. If you used different email addresses for each account, you will need to sign into MongoDB for Students and fill out the request form on the post-login page.

Hope this answers your question! Happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Hi Aiyana,

I didn’t receive any email, and I have only one email, this is the same that.
Can you help me to receive this discount?

Ms. McConnell,

Is there by chance an education affiliate program for courses and educational creators who construct courses (of course probably with overview from MDB first I’d imagine) related to teaching and educating toward the DBA and DBD exams?

Hi Jessica, I’m going to reach out to you via DMs so I can better help you resolve your issue.

Hi Brock, I will reach out to in DMs :grinning:

Hi Jassica,

I hope the 50% certification discount is applicable even to the MongoDB DBA learning path completion. Please clarify.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Irdaya,

Welcome to the forums!

The 50% discount is available to all learners who complete a MongoDB University learning path including the DBA learning path. It can be applied to any of the exams. This discount is different from the one offered through MongoDB for Students which is, as the name implies, only available to students through the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Hope this answers your question! If you have any specific questions about the certification exam, there’s a Certification sub-forum that will be better able to assist you.

Have an awesome rest of your day!

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