Cell/field level security

I am totally new with Mongo DB. We are looking at dB that will support field/cell level security out of the box. I saw pipeline and $redact function within Mongo to do this. I want to know if this is best practice and use case to do this. Thanks in advance.

Hey Tony,

MongoDB supports Client Side Field Level Encryption. You can learn more about it here: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/core/security-client-side-encryption/

And see a guide on how to use it here:

https://www.mongodb.com/how-to/client-side-field-level-encryption-csfle-mongodb-node/ (for Node, but we have articles in other languages as well)

Hope that helps!

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Hi Ado,
Thanks for the info. what if we have a lot of fields that we want to redact. I wonder if performance will be an issue. Not sure if we use MongoDB the correct way for this use case.


Hey Tony,

From the GA announcement (https://www.mongodb.com/blog/post/field-level-encryption-is-ga) it mentions that the performance impact even on high read documents is fairly minimal.