Can't use ISODate on atlas?

Pretty simple problem:

I can run this filter on MongoDB compass locally and it works as expected:
{date_created : ISODate('2021-02-01T16:00:01.000+00:00')}

But when i try to run it on MongoDB atlas in the filter box, i get an error:
The provided parameters were invalid. Check your query and try again.

Is this a bug or am i misunderstanding something? Would appreciate any explanation or resource.

Hi @Navdeep_Singh,
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As noted in the documentation, the Atlas Data Explorer does not support date queries that use the IsoDate() function. Instead, use the MongoDB Extended JSON (v2) $date data type for date queries.

You may wish to try using the following filter in Data Explorer to see if it returns any results:
{date_created: {$date:"2021-02-01T16:00:01.000+00:00"}}

Hope this helps.


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