Can't setup data lake

I’m trying to setup and play around with Data Lake as part of my initial evaluation of MongoDB. I’ve upgraded from Shared M0 to Shared M2 in order to get a tier that has backups enabled, but I still can’t setup a Data Lake.

I’m getting the message: ‘The selected cluster doesn’t have backups enabled. Choose a different cluster to create your pipeline with or configure backup on “Cluster0”.’

But as far as I can tell I do have backups enabled.

Do I need to upgrade to M10?

Here is the screenshot of the error message, which comes up after selecting Cluster0 (my only cluster):

Hello @Nicholas_Vandehey, glad to see you trying this out!

Looks like our error messages are not great here, we’ll get that fixed. You do need to use an M10 or above for this functionality. Shared tiers use a different mechanism for backup which unfortunately does not support Data Lake Storage.