Can't notarize mac app because of Realm – "The binary is not signed"

I have an Electron app that I’m trying to get notarized by Apple (a necessary step for distributing macOS apps nowadays). I’m using a valid certificate for my app, but when I run the notarization command, I get errors saying that certain Realm binaries are not signed.

This is the command I’m running to notarize my app:

xcrun notarytool submit /path/to/ --wait --team-id "<my team ID" --password "<password>" --apple-id "<apple id>"

However, I get an “Invalid” status when it’s completed, and when I check the error logs it tells me that the binaries for librealm-js-ios.a are 1) not signed and 2) don’t include a secure timestamp.

This is the dependency in question:


Does anyone know why this is? Or a way to resolve this?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!