Can't maintain the order of the stacked bars to match the order they are in the aggregation section

We are generating a stacked bar charts with custom Fields, the values show fine, but the order of the bars keep switching.

This chart is used to represent a funnel sequence of onboarding steps so we want to maintain the speicif order of each bar, but tried to use a sort after match in the top charts aggregation pipeline but get an error message.

How is the correct method to specify the order of the bar charts in a stacked bar chart?

For a chart with string values on the category axis, the order is determined by your choice in the “Sort” dropdown:

By default, the bars are sorted in decreasing order of the total values. If you change the setting to Category, you can sort in alphabetical order (increasing or decreasing).

There isn’t any way to short by anything other than value or category. If you are manually sorting in a pipeline, you may need to use labels like “1-Foo”, “2-Bar” or similar to force them to be in alphabetical order.


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