Can't leave the old Slack workspace

Hello! I was adding a bunch of slack workspaces in my local slack client on a new computer, and I added the “” workspace. I now want to remove it since it is read only and no longer active, but I am not able to…

I was able to leave a different workspace by clicking:

Profile & Account -> Account Settings -> Deactivate My Account

However, when I click the “Account Settings” butotn in Mongo community slack nothing happens…

Is there any way for me to remove this workspace from my local slack client? :thinking:


Welcome @Jim_Lynch!,

You should be able to remove an unused Slack workspace from your desktop Slack client by Deactivating your account for that workspace or right clicking on the workspace icon in Slack and choosing “Sign out”.



Hi Stennie!

After quiting Slack and restarting it I was able to remove the old workspace. Thanks! :+1:


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