Can't find field 'h' in

why I can’t find field ‘h’ in table in my image even i can find it in all examples in the internet, this field is mandatory when working with CDC.

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What version of MongoDB server are you using?

The format is internal to the replication implementation and may vary somewhat between major releases of MongoDB.

Instead of tailing the oplog directly, you should use the Change Streams API in modern versions of MongoDB (3.6+).

Change stream events are based on majority committed writes in the oplog and allow you to filter and process relevant events matching on criteria such as namespace, operation type, or field values. You can also modify change stream output using additional aggregation stages (for example, projecting a subset of fields or adding calculated fields). Most importantly, the Change Streams API gives you a supported upgrade path to future versions of the MongoDB server and supports scaling to a sharded cluster.


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