Can't execute command with large data

I use studio3t for mongodb gui, I have a very large amount of data to generate data, then I do a command to change the value of a variable like the following
db.getCollection(“uploads”).find({“url”: {"$ne": null}}).forEach(function(e,i) {
for little data it works, but on run data button it doesn’t show what?
How to solve this? I’m using the ultimate trial version

Running js function was worst experience for me in past.
I advice to using update script like following;

    // query 
        "url" : {"$ne":null}
    // update 
        "$set": {"url":{
            "$replaceOne": { 
                input: "$url", 
                find : "", 
                replacement: "" 
    // options 
        "multi" : true,
        "upsert" : false