Can't connect to the environment anymore (Very Confusing!)

I was following the exercises just fine until I go to LESSON 2: CONNECTING TO A MONGODB ATLAS CLUSTER WITH THE SHELL

I finished the previous lesson and my cluster was connected and data was showing on the dashboard. I stopped the course and came back a week later. Then, my cluster was disconnected and I couldn’t connect anymore.

I went back to follow the previous steps to connect again. But then I could not find anywhere a link to navigate to my terminal.

I tried to use the GUI environment from the class before but I’m getting an error now:

Can someone explain to me what’s going on please? If this is not the right terminal to be in, where is the link for the correct one?

After username are you passing the correct username?
Whatever that is showing in your snapshot is not correct

where can I find my username and password?

From your Atlas account under database users
You would have created a database user to connect to your DB

Hi Patrick,

For all the labs in the MongoDB University where an Atlas cluster and project is created for you, the same username and passwords are used. These are listed in the labs instructions.

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