Can't connect to MongoDB from CodeIgniter 3.1.11 and PHP 7.2

Hi there!

I try to connect to my MongoDB database using these following information:

PHP Version 7.2.29-1+0~20200320.39+debian9~1.gbp513c2e

|MongoDB extension version|1.7.4|
|MongoDB extension stability|stable|
|libbson bundled version|1.16.2|
|libmongoc bundled version|1.16.2|
|libmongoc SSL|enabled|
|libmongoc SSL library|OpenSSL|
|libmongoc crypto|enabled|
|libmongoc crypto library|libcrypto|
|libmongoc crypto system profile|disabled|
|libmongoc SASL|enabled|
|libmongoc ICU|disabled|
|libmongoc compression|enabled|
|libmongoc compression snappy|disabled|
|libmongoc compression zlib|enabled|
|libmongocrypt bundled version|1.0.3|
|libmongocrypt crypto|enabled|
|libmongocrypt crypto library|libcrypto|

My database had 3 replica set members

I try to connect it using but can’t see my documents hosted on my MongoDB account.

Is there someone expert on MongoDB with CodeIgniter that can help solve my problem?

Also offer an opportunity as a freelancer to help our project. Thanks.

Welcome to the community @APPRO_Mobile_Develop,

To help investigate this issue can you please provide:

  • version of MongoDB server are you using
  • a snippet of code that demonstrates the issue
  • more details on what “can’t see” means (for example, can you see documents using another tool but they are not found by your code?)

Are you trying to use the official MongoDB driver directly or via an extension/library for CodeIgniter 3? If you are using a library please confirm which version.