Can't connect from a dedicated iP

Hello. Greetings.
I have two organizations on my account. One is for projects of the company I work for and the other I created as a playground.

I’m currently without Fiber, so my mobile hotspot keeps changing the IP.
I’ve decided to add a dedicated IP from my VPN Provider.
Now I can see my dedicated IP if I use services such as whatsmyip and so on.

If I go to my playground and allow this IP, I can connect with no problems whatsoever.
But when I ask my project owner to add this IP to my company’s project, I can’t connect.

And this is the error I get:

❯ mongosh “mongodb+srv://” --apiVersion 1 --tls --tlsCertificateKeyFile dist/db/mongoTlsCertificate.pem
Current Mongosh Log ID: ************
Connecting to: mongodb+srv://
MongoServerSelectionError: connection to ..**.78:27017 closed. It looks like this is a MongoDB Atlas cluster. Please ensure that your Network Access List allows connections from your IP.

Any ideas on why this happens??

Hi @Jonathan_Martins - Welcome to the community.

The behaviour being described does appear a bit odd. I’m curious to know if you waited a few minutes before attempting to connect to the company’s cluster after thet IP was added? Atlas requires a few moments to propogate the applied changes to the project (most of the time this happens in seconds for adding IP entries to the Network Access List in my experience).

I assume they have other clients able to connect to the same cluster(s) (in the company’s project) with no issue but please correct me if I am wrong here.