Can't connect data from collection to display in postman using get request

Hi fellow developers :blush:,

I’m very new to the MongoDB community and in the field of web development. I’ve encounter some problems while connecting the data from my collection to my project. I’ve uploaded a json file to the collection using MongoDB Command Line Database Tools, the data was successfully imported in the collection, however, when I request to get the data using postman, its throwing below error. Strangely, the data using postman to post to the data collection is working with the get request.

Any help would be greatly appreciate and thank you in advance! :pray:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">


<meta charset="utf-8">




<pre>Error: <br>Invalid `prisma.residency.findUnique()` invocation:<br><br><br>Error converting field &quot;updateAt&quot; of expected non-nullable type &quot;DateTime&quot;, found incompatible value of &quot;null&quot;.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;at file:///D:/Alex/Desktop/Coding/Reactjs/real-estate-website-homyz-MERN/server/controllers/residencyCtrl.js:69:11</pre>