Can't admin access to DB

Hi guys,
I accidentally deleted an administrative user. The database is running in replica mode. replicas are authorized via a key file. all services are started in the container through the following command:
sudo docker run --restart=always --name bpm-mongodb -v /bpm/mongodb:/data/db -p 27017:27017 -d mongo:4.4.6-bionic --keyFile /data/db/etc/mongodb-keyfile --bind_ip --dbpath /data/db/storage --replSet bpm-rs.
Now I need to create users, but I get an error that authorization is required and the users I have do not have administrative access.
Please help.

Hi @Ulugbek_Diyarov.

The method is to start each member in turn without authentication, create a user, and start normally. This will ensure you maintain a healthy cluster

The --keyfile parameter implicitly enables authentication so this parameter will need to be removed to create the user.
Binding only to localhost and on a different port will help prevent unrestricted access while authentication is disabled.