Can't able to aceess lab?

I can’t access to the lab it is showing error, i completed all the required pre requisites,
This lab assumes you have already created a free tier cluster. If you have not done this, please complete the “Creating and Deploying an Atlas Cluster” lab in lesson 2 of Unit 1 “Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas” before continuing here.

I don’t know the sequence of steps as per the latest course but have you created your own cluster and loaded sample data and created a dbuser to connect to your cluster?

Though i did all the steps properly i am not able to launch my lab

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In order for us to better assist you with the issue you are experiencing while accessing the labs, could you kindly provide us with a screenshot of the error or problem you are encountering? This will help us to have a more clear understanding of the issue and to provide you with an effective solution.