Cannot start local atlas deployment

Hi everyone, I successfully created a local atlas deployment a few months ago on my Mac OS (Ref -
Installed versions:
MongoDB - 7.0.3
Mongosh - 2.0.2
podman - 4.8.3

However, since today, I cannot seem to get the mongoDB running. I always ran

atlas deployments list
atlas deployments connect

and open MongoDB Compass.

But today, the atlas deployments list runs infinitely.

A few key other things:

  1. When I do brew services list, I do not see mongodb-atlas-cli and podman status is set to None
  2. I cannot start seem to start atlas-cli by running brew services start mongodb-atlas-cli and brew services start mongodb-community@7.0

This is the first time the issue has happened in months. Thanks

The local deployments created via the CLI are not exposed as homebrew services.

Over time, we’ve seen some Podman-related issues, which we are addressing as we take local experience to GA.

Can you try uninstalling the Atlas CLI and installing it again and see if you can create a new deployment with atlas deployments setup?

Hi @Massimiliano_Marcon, thanks for your reply. Does reinstalling the atlas-cli mean I will loose all the data in dbs and collections? Thanks.

Yes, unfortunately, that is likely the case.

The local experience is currently in private preview and in this first iteration, we did not optimize for long-term persistency.

In general for development and CI use cases I’d always recommend having a script of some kind to seed test data and create indexes. Having that makes your environment easy to move to other machines or to share it with the whole development team.

An alternative is running the setup in Docker. The documentation explains how to set things up in docker compose to achieve persistence.

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Hi @Massimiliano_Marcon, thanks for sharing the documentation. I followed the exact steps to persist data across runs.
However, when I do docker-compose up is see the following error:
[+] Running 1/0 ✔ Container mongodb-mongo-1 Created 0.0s Attaching to mongodb-mongo-1 mongodb-mongo-1 | exec / exec format error

Can you please let me know what went wrong?

Is your code somewhere where you can share it, e.g. a gihub repo?

Sure, here’s my Docker Compose:

    image: mongodb/atlas
    privileged: true
      - data-cni:/etc/cni
      - data-containers:/var/lib/containers
      - ./
    entrypoint: ["/"]
      - 27017:27017
      - LOCALDEV_PASSWORD=Abhishek@123#

The entrypoint script is not modified at all. Thanks.

Hi @Massimiliano_Marcon, tagging you in case you missed the above message. Thanks.