Cannot resume stream; the resume token was not found

We have MongoDB replica set running on 6.0 version. One of our services listens to change streams for specific collections. The command looks like this:[ {"$addFields":{"namespace":{"$concat":["$ns.db",".","$ns.coll"]}}}, {"$match":{"$and":[{"$and":[{"ns.db":{"$regex":"db_name1|db_name2","$options":"i"}},{"$or":[{"namespace":"collection1"},{"namespace":{"$regex":"collection1|collection2","$options":"i"}}]}]}, {"operationType":{"$in":["insert","update","replace","delete"]}}]}}, {"$addFields":{"namespace":"$$REMOVE"}}], {"resumeAfter":{"_data":"resume_token"}});

Then we have an error:

Aggregate command executor error","attr":{"error":{"code":280,"codeName":"ChangeStreamFatalError","errmsg":"cannot resume stream; the resume token was not found....

The resume_token was created at 9.00AM.
We also executed rs.printReplicationInfo cmd and found out, that the first oplog event was at 7.00AM! So the oplog must contains the resume_token!

So, then why did the error happen? Why the resume_token was not found?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Igor_G90 have you managed to resolve this issue? We are experiencing the same problem?