Cannot pass the Lab "Creating a Single Field Index in MongoDB"

I cannot pass this lab because there is no bank database

That’s why I am stuck in this stage and cannot continue to the next tasks.

Similar to another recent post where you are not in the mongo shell.
Try running mongosh first to open the mongo shell.

Connection refused

Which course / lesson / lab are you on?


This is happening to me as well.

As the thread title says, the lab is “Lab: Creating a Single Field Index in MongoDB”.

mongosh return a ECONNREFUSED error making impossible to progress in the lab

Thank you

I had a play as well and it seems the labs environment was a touch upset and not connecting.

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Hi All,

Can you please check again if you are still getting the same issue?

In case you are not getting connected automatically to the Atlas cluster after launching a lab, I would recommend you to send an email to with details such as:

  • Course name and lab you are facing issue with.
  • What is the exact issue that you are getting?

Happy Learning, cheers!

Hi @Tarun_Gaur,

It’s working for me now.

Thank you to you too @John_Sewell

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