Cannot Enable Free Monitoring on MongoDB Community on Azure


We have a few hosts set up and there’s replication taking place between 4 hosts (Azure VMs) in 2 different Azure regions. We successfully use the DB for Production (i.e. our services manage to connect to the DB and the replication works).

I SSH into the primary server and perform a series of the actions below:

db.auth("***", "****"); //the asterisks stand for secrets
use admin
Unable to get immediate response from the Cloud Monitoring service. We willcontinue to retry in the background. Please check your firewall settings to ensure that mongod can communicate with ""

Afterwards I exit the Mongo Shell and curl to This seems to work well (i.e. HTTP status code is 200).

Additional details:
Mongo version: 4.2.18
OS: Linux
Distro: CentOS
Version: centos 8.5.2111

Inbound: only connections from Azure VNets (or VPN) is allowed.
Outbound: can connect freely to the internet from any port to any port.

AFAIK, only outbound connections are needed to send the data. Hence, the outbound connections aren’t blocked. As seen above, I tested them and they seem to work.

No iptables are enabled on Azure VMs. Azure Network Security Groups regulate the connectivity instead.