Cannot connect my sandbox cluster from compass

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When I do it this way, it gives me the error: no secondary found in replicaset or invalid replica set name
Also, I used the hostname from my primary cluster which is:

What am I missing?

I found the error. Should omit the :27017part…

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Hey. My movie collection has only 1000 documents but I see the instructor’s collection has more. Therefore, I am getting different answers.
How can I rectify that? I am failing in all my assignments:laughing:

HI Rose_26753,

Please re-import the collection. Remember to drop the collection first. :slight_smile:


How do I re-import a collection?

I think it makes sense to use mongoimport because I didn’t set a back up to perform mongorestore. But I am still getting an error with mongoimport. Please help…

Hey. Still having trouble re-importing my collection. Mongorestore doesn’t work because I didn’t create a back up.
How else can I do this?

Hi Rose,

  1. Delete the collection. Sample screenshot:

  2. Download the

  3. Unzip the folder, you will see javascript loadMovieDetailsDataset.js

  4. Go to the folder where you have javascript file.

  5. Run mongo:


For more information, please re-watch CHAPTER 2: Loading Data into Your Sandbox Cluster

Let me know if you have any question!


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Careful :wink: That screenshot says to delete the “movies” collection, which is on the shared student cluster and not on each student’s private Mongo cluster :slight_smile: On our private environments, it’s “movieDetails”, not movies.

Now, I may sound a bit blunt saying this… But could you then perhaps share the actual error message? Copy/paste it here, or show a screenshot. Despite how cool the MongoU TA’s are, they aren’t psychics :wink:

Also, it would be nicer if you edited your previous message to add new information if you’re the last one who replied to the thread. Then you don’t have three messages by the same user.

That was just an example to show how to drop a collection. Will be more careful next time :stuck_out_tongue: