Cannot access MongoDB University with Github student account

as mentioned in topic when i visit MongoDB Student Pack I can see " Claim Your Free MongoDB Certification" on the page when clicked on “Start Learning with MongoDB University” it sends me to another page where i have to login with my github profile.

but website gives me an error “We were unable to log you in with that login method. Ensure that you have a public verified email address set on your GitHub account.”

My github accounts email setting is (unchecked) turned off “Keep my email addresses private” and showing my emails are visible.

Thank you.

i have verified github students account

i have made this current account with gmail idk if i will be eligible for certifications if i use another account for learning and github for certification.

kindly help me on following as well.

Hi @Sumit_kumar8

Welcome to the forums. Could it be that you may have unchecked the Keep my email addresses private ” without actually designating a public email address? Please see these steps in our docs here.


Thank you turned out that solution worked now i can continue with my education.

Hi can you help me how to earn free DBA voucher. what courses should I do to earn free DBA voucher.

Hi I have been verified for github student account. So to get free certification should I complete learning paths
or I will get direct like voucher to my mail.

kindly help me in this issue.

Hi @kalle_preetham

In order to be eligible for the DBA voucher, you’ll have to complete the DBA learning path.

Once you’ve completed the learning path, you can follow the instructions for a voucher on your personal profile page at MongoDB Student Pack.

Good luck!