Canberra MUG: Inaugaural MongoDB Canberra Meetup

Canberra MUG: Inaugaural MongoDB Canberra Meetup

We will be launching the Canberra MongoDB User Group on Wednesday 25th October - in conjunction with our friends at AWS.

We are delighted to announce that we will be joined by Shahab Qamar from the National Film and Sound Archives (NFSA)!

MongoDB Atlas @ NFSA – From Ideation to Production

How MongoDB helped NFSA model its catalogue data into MongoDB Atlas, covering:

  • Going from SQL to the Document mental model.
  • Designing the ETL, search indexes, facets, public API and the frontend (AWS EC2, Cloudfront, WAF, CloudWatch and ELB) and React frontend development (AWS Amplify).
  • The MongoDB Atlas developer experience.
  • Exploring data using MongoDB Charts.
  • Beyond full-text search/future: Exploration of vector search support in MongoDB for generative AI.


Shahab Qamar, Software Engineering Manager, NFSA
Shahab currently leads the software engineering team at the NFSA which develops innovative solutions for the whole organisation in areas of workflow automation, search (lexical, LLM-based), speech recognition, named entity recognition, knowledge graphs and API development at scale. Previously, Shahab worked with Government and Academic institutions delivering content management and search related solutions.
Shahab is always on the lookout for interesting engineering problems that are meant to make our lives a little easier. Shahab also holds a PhD in Machine Learning in Smart Transportation Systems. In his thesis, he proposed an algorithm that assists drivers find suitable parking spots on busy CBD streets using queuing theory and neural nets.


RSVP Here: Inaugaural MongoDB Canberra Meetup, Wed, Oct 25, 2023, 5:30 PM | Meetup


Event Type: In-Person
Location: AWS Office: 64 Northbourne Ave 64 Northbourne Ave · Canberra, AC


Thank you everyone for joining and being a part of the first Canberra MongoDB User Group.
Please join the group to stay abreast of the upcoming events.

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