Can we query on multiple vector embedding fields in vector search?

Hi, with reference to this Multiple Vector Embeddings in one document? we can generate vector embeddings for the multiple fields but can we query on multiple fields as well, I mean finding search results on the basis of multiple vector embedded fields?

Hi @Noman_Saleem -

You can index multiple vector embedding fields within a single search index as that example you linked shows, but you can only search these fields one at a time.

If you wanted to combine the results of multiple searches. you would have to do this with a $unionWith or $lookup

Clarifying here that this is not currently supported within $vectorSearch as noted in the limitations section of the $vectorSearch documentation. We are actively working on a solution for this, so it should be supported not too far in the future.

You can use $search with the knnBeta operator in the meantime to achieve this functionality.