Can we downgrade MongoDB once FCV is to upgraded version

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After upgrade If we set the FCV to upgraded MongoDB version then can we downgrade or rollback to previous version without any issues if required. Could you please explain in detail.

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The Feature Compatibility Version (FCV) is set as the last step in a major version upgrade as it enables features that can persist data incompatible with earlier versions of MongoDB. Incompatible data types will definitely complicate the downgrade process as you will need to modify or remove data that is unsupported by older versions of MongoDB.

The Release Notes for every major MongoDB server release include a detailed section on Compatibility Changes and the downgrade instructions also mention incompatible features. For example: Remove FCV 5.0 Persisted Features.

If you need time to validate a newly upgraded deployment you should wait before enabling the new FCV version, per the note in the docs:

It is recommended that after upgrading, you allow your deployment to run without enabling these features for a burn-in period to ensure the likelihood of downgrade is minimal. When you are confident that the likelihood of downgrade is minimal, enable these features.


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Hi @Stennie_X ,

Thanks for the quick update.
Two things are clear from your update.
i)In a way Down grade is a complicate process.
ii)We should do complete testing after upgrade and before setting FCV to new value.


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