Can we disable Atlas Search on Analytics nodes?

We run an M20 replica set with a primary and a couple secondaries. We run an M10 Analytics node in order to help facilitate heavy, ad-hoc real-time reads (non $search).

A couple weeks ago we started using Atlas Search and didn’t realize that the Analytics node would be used. With the setup that we have, any heavy Search activity/new indexing/etc. has a detrimental effect on our analytics node (if you look at our metrics, the node is on fire).

Is there any way to drop Atlas Search activity on Analytics nodes?

Hey @randytarampi – question for you, would you have any interest in isolating your search workload entirely? We are about to announce an Private Preview Program around Dedicated Search Nodes, which may just off the bat resolve this issue for you?

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Hey @Elle_Shwer – thanks for the quick reply. I’m definitely interested! How can we learn more?

DM me your email and I can send you a form to fill out and link you with the Product Manager covering this.

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