Can we change the Ops Manager URI

I deployed MongoDB Kubernetes Operator and an instance of Ops Manager. The thing is it’s working fine but can we change the URI to our desired URI.
The URI is ops-manager-svc.mongodb.svc.cluster.local
Can we change this to our desired one.

Hi @Vikas_Jella,

I think this is outside of operators duty and there is a setting called externalConnectivity which has a type field. By default it expects a load balancer to be mapped to the internal route but you can add verious service types like external DNS of your choice where you can map your desired URL…


Hi @Pavel_Duchovny,
Can you share any doc or link for creating service types like external DNS.
Should I need to include it in externalConnectivity.annotations:

Vikas Jella


This is out of scope for MongoDB but you can find the link for kuberentes docs

I think in externalConnectivity.type …


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