Can we change the mongodb atlas M2 plan any time when it is needed

I am currently on MongoDB M2 plan and after analyzing my usage I came to know that I will reach the limit of M2 plan soon, so that i want to explore in advance that I can sift or change my plan from M2 to M5 and please share some supportive resources.

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Yes, you can modify your cluster after initial configuration. Please go through below documentation on Modify a Cluster

Quick steps to update your cluster from Atlas GUI

  • Click on <you-cluster-name> then in Overview section, click on upgrade button and you can modify the cluster as per your needs.

If you eventually decide to upgrade to a dedicated tier (M10+) cluster, you can also take a look at Configure Auto-Scaling which will help you automatically scale your cluster tier, storage capacity, or both in response to cluster usage.


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You cannot upgrade pass an M5, you’ll have to make a whole new cluster for an M10 and above, just FYI.

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Hi @Brock :wave:

It is possible to upgrade from M5 to M10 but it is a scenario where downtime is required as noted in the Modify a Cluster documentation (first dot point below):

Changing the cluster tier requires downtime in the following scenarios:

  • You change from an M0 free cluster or M2/M5 shared cluster to an M10 or larger cluster tier.
  • You change from an M0 free cluster to an M2/M5 shared cluster.
  • You change from an M2 shared cluster to an M5 shared cluster.

Note: There should generally be no downtime associated with modifying the cluster tier when doing so for M10+ dedicated tier clusters

For example, please see the below screenshot regarding an M5 to M10 upgrade from the UI from my test Atlas project:



That’s actually new, and awesome.

We used to have to help the customer migrate off of the shared tier cluster into their independent M10s and above. That’s really awesome they’ve made it possible to go up to M10+ from shared tier without having to build a whole new cluster for it.

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