Can not connect to cloud - exhausted all avenues


Does anyone know why I could not connect to the cloud? I have asked the Mongo support but they asked me to read the Documentation and followed everything.

  1. Use it on C# and MERN (Node) and still getting the errors, cloud.mongodb:
    a. npm start : Could not connect to any servers in your MongoDB Atlas cluster.
    checked the connection string : mongodb+srv://[rlotho:] (but MEMORY does not exists yet, i assume it will be created? if not, what should i put in there)
    b. c#: MongoClient dbClient = new MongoClient("mongodb+srv://rlotho:"); or
    (I get a timeout error)

  2. we do have a MongoDB compass localhost:27017 for a project at work, and this is able to connect to the Mongo local installed.

thank you.

Your IP is not white listed.


You have a firewaĺl or vpn issue that prevents you from contacting outside.

RL did you get to the bottom of this?