Can not choose a Data Source for a Chart from my new Cluster

I’m now watching Getting started with MongoDB & GDELT - APAC-EMEA Session MongoDB.

Before I started the Hackathon I got a cluster in MongoDB and I deleted it and create a new one for the Hackathon.

Now in the new cluster I want to create a chart

Add Dashboards > My Dashboard > Add Chart > Data Source > Choose a Data Source

But the options to choose for a Data Source are the Databases of the cluster that I deleted and not from the database that I created for the Hackathon

If I select one Database for the deleted cluster the following error is show:

There was an error when loading the data source fields

Why I can’t select the Data Source for the new cluster and why are the Data Sources of the deleted cluster still as an option for the Data Source?

I also deleted the current Dashboard and create a new one but happens the same.

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I tried again yesterday and today but the problem persists.

I contacted with support using the Chat and they help me to solve the issue.

If someone has the same issue, to fix it go to Dashboards

DATA SOURCES > Add Data Source >

And select your Data Source and the Collections you would like to show in the Graph.


Glad you got sorted and thanks for sharing the fix

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Thanks, I’m learning a lot from the videos of this Hackathon too, and discovering many features that MongoDb offers that are amazing in my opinion.


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