Can mongodb support korean and japanese text search?

Text Search Languages docs have no korean and japanese.
and your docs says mongodb support utf-8, why not support these languages?

Hi @anlex_N,

Atlas Search is using Lucene in the background and do support both these languages.


please update your docs: Text Search Languages

Sorry, I think my post was confusing actually now that I read it again.

The text index and the $text operator are ONE thing. Atlas Search is ANOTHER new service available only in Atlas that offer way more flexibility and options.

The first can be used for simple text search and only supports a few languages. If you want more options, languages, text pre-processing (analyzers, …), etc, have a look to Atlas Search. It’s only available in Atlas because it requires more hardware and software contrary to the first option.

so postgresql is preferable over mongodb. i hope mongodb community can support these languages.

@anlex_N Atlas Search (a search engine) is superior to Postgres (not a search engine) in almost every way when it comes to interpreting natural language.

Have you tried it out in the free tier?

no, i don’t care about atlas search. because i have no money. i love community, love open source.
i think the gap between mongo and postgresql will only widen. mongodb community can not support CJK languages, it is really your very big Strategic error. and i can not find your mongodb community roadmap, so sad… but postgresql have roadmap and execute to the letter.

I care about open source and community, too. That’s why I volunteer my time to work on Apache Lucene, the kernel of Atlas Search. There’s a lot to do in the community. We need help if you have time.

If you have no money, the free tier is perfect for you. If you want an inferior user experience, Postrgres for search is the better choice.