Can MongoDB BI Connector be used to write data back to MongoDB Server?

Can MongoDB BI Connector be used to write data back to MongoDB Server? if yes, how? If no, what are the alternatives apart from the clients like MongoDB Compass?

Hi @Archana_Singh ,

No. The MongoDB Connector for BI is currently a read-only interface for querying a MongoDB deployment via SQL.

The connector maps MongoDB’s flexible schema and underlying BSON data types to SQL, but the reverse path would be more limiting for data updates compared to using one of the supported MongoDB drivers.

Aside from applications like Compass, you could use Database Tools (mongoimport, mongorestore, …), Drivers, or online tools like the Atlas Data Explorer.

Can you share more details around the format and volume of data you want to write and any challenges you are experiencing?


Well, we are a BI tool itself and we are trying to integrate with MongoDB via our application. We chose the BI Connector route since it did not require any code change in our application to connect to Mongo as a DataSource for us. But, in our app, we also provide the capabilities of changing the data in the underlying data source based on the Database’s auth control.
"write one object\document at a time or even a value within a document. We wanted to maintain the same parity with MongoDB when used as a relational data source.
In short, we are trying to work with Mongo as a relational data source and exploring options that come along with Mongo DB install license itself.

HI @Archana_Singh,

Thanks for the further info on your use case. The MongoDB Connector for BI is read-only, so you’ll have to work out an alternative path using a supported driver or client.

Since your team is building a BI tool, it is probably worth exploring the MongoDB Partner Program.