Can I use stitch to connect to my local database without using atlas

I a new to Mongodb. I have created database inside local server and I want to create a restful API using stitch to allow remote applications to perform some operations to my local database. I don’t want to use cloud services such as atlas.
My question is : Can I do that without using atlas ??

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MongoDB Realm Application Services (an evolution of the product formerly known as MongoDB Stitch) are currently only available as a cloud hosted service.

If you want to create your own RESTful API, you should be able to find libraries or frameworks to build on in all popular development languages. For example, if you are using Python there are options like FastAPI, Flask, Sanic, Starlette, Tornado, and many more.

Those API libraries can be used with any MongoDB deployment (including MongoDB Atlas).


Thanks @Stennie_X
That’s clear

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