Can I use array field for index in Atlas Online Archive?

I am investigating to use the Atlas Online Archive and try to find out the best fields for index. As you see in screenshot below I would like to use field port as Third most commonly queried field. This field is an array of integers e.g. [5423, 47128, 8753, 12682]

The common query condition would be like this:

   createdDate: {
      $gte: ISODate('2024-04-01'),
      $lt: ISODate('2024-04-02')
   class: 'foo',
   port: 8753

Typically the port array has a size of 10 to 300 (exceptionally up to 150’000) elements and contains random 16-bit integers.

Would this be a useful setup for Online Archive or should I consider another field?

Hey @Wernfried_Domscheit
Today, we don’t support arrays and objects as partition fields in Atlas Online Archive. You can archive documents with any type of fields but partition fields need to be non-array and non-object fields.

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