Can I see the data in my Android Flutter local realm?

Hi, I’m just starting out with Realm, Flutter, etc and I’m trying to view the entries I’m creating, is there any way to do that when it’s a local realm?

I’m using intelliJ and I’ve checked the Flutter DevTools and the other windows and haven’t found a way.

I did find the location of the file with Configuration.defaultStoragePath, but I don’t actually see the folder it says when I connect the phone to my computer, I assume because I’m running from intelliJ

By default, Realm stores data in the internal app storage folder, which is not exposed when connected to a computer. You can either use adb to pull the file from the device (see this SO answer for instructions) or create the database in an external location. Note that for the second option, you’ll likely need to prompt the user for permissions as apps don’t get access to the external storage by default.

Thank you for the great response!