Can I disable the partitioned option?

Hi all,

I have a mongoDB cluster with the partitioned option to true for a database. This DB doesn’t have any shard key. Is it safe to rollback the partitioned option?

I read partitioned option without shard key could be affected performance.


how do you see the option? What cmd did you run?

Hi @Kobe_W ,

I have this information from this command :

    database: {
      _id: 'my_db',
      primary: 'rs0',
      partitioned: true, <======================================
      version: {
        uuid: UUID('ef1ad0b8-ac7f-8276-89ae-c478b84fe0a8'),
        lastMod: 1,
        timestamp: Timestamp({ t: 1700574117, i: 161 })
    collections: {}

I have a similar output for the config database but with chunks (because a sharKey exists).

it says the db now supports sharding, doesn’t mean any collections in it must be sharded.

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So it doesn’t affect the performance to stay with this configuration?

no performance impact. A database has no concept of sharding, while only a collection does.