Can I create a createSearchIndex from compass?

I’d like to know if I can do createSearchIndex from mongo compass, from mongosh. Can I connect to Atlas within compass?

Where should I create the index…)?, with a driver in a script


Hi @javier_ga

That is the mongosh method. You can do that in compass using its builtin mongosh.

Look to the bottom of the compass gui and you will see mongosh, click to expand this.

For now, the solution is what @chris suggested.

Soon, Compass will have a built-in way to create Search indexes in the UI. Stay tuned for that!

And yes, Compass can connect to Atlas.

In the course of mongo, chapter “mongo atlas search”, we practice with atlas in the Lab. We use a .json to create a default index. My question is that if we can use compass to create this .json o refers to this json somewhere in my local machine or in the UI compass. I suppose that from yor reply I can’t create an index with a json file from the compass, is that correct?.

If you feel like copy/paste into the mongosh then those should work as almost all commands are supported.

But for ‘tested’ repeatability you are best getting mongosh installed and use that to execute js files for labs.