Can I connect to mongodb Atlas through changing IP address

I am using my laptop in various coffee shops, and they have different IP addresses.
My question is that what do I need to enter for the WHITE LISTING IP Address in the mongoDB Atlas section since the IP addresses from many different coffee shops, and I may stop at a new one today ? I would like to know if I can use as my IP address ? Since I do not know much about IP adress, can you please explain why I should or should not use to connect to mongodb atlas?

Many Thanks for the helps,

Hi @Dung_Tran1

Use allow any which in CIDR notation is will only allow the PC where the mongod is running, because it is a ‘self reference’.

Thank you so much Santimir for the help.
Sorry for asking a dumb question because I’d like to make sure that I fully understand the explanation.

I must not using or because it is a self reference. It is only be used in a machine where the mongodb database is running. Since I plan to connect to mongodb Atlas then I must not use a self reference.

I should use or can I use just because it would allow any IP address connect to mongoDB Atlas . Am I correct ?

Many Thanks for the help,