Can I call serverless Functions with the realm-web SDK on a realm app that has SYNC enabled?


I currently have a React app using the realm-web SDK to access data on Atlas with the serverless Functions.
This realm app does NOT have SYNC enabled. (I call it realm-web)
Everything works fine.

I made an Electron version of this React app that is using the realm-node SDK to access/sync the data from Atlas.
This Electron app uses a different realm app that has SYNC enabled. (I call it realm-sync).
Everything works fine.
It is accessing the same data as the web app on Atlas.

My question is: Can’t I just copy all the serverless Functions that are on the realm-web app to the realm-sync app and use ONLY the realm-sync app for the web and electron apps?

The web app would use the realm-web SDK and the Electron app would use the realm-node SDK.
I’ve tried that but, I always get “InvalidParameter Error/db: string required” when I call a serverless Function with the web SDK on the realm-sync app that has SYNC enabled.
Is that not suppose to be working?
Thanks for your help.

For those wondering, it works, you can call server less functions on a realm app that has SYNC enabled.
In my case the problem was a misconfiguration of constants.

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