Calendaring function for PHP

Is anyone aware of a complete calendaring function that can be combined with MongoDB and PHP? We are trying to build an app (registering events and tasks) using PHP accessing MongoDB collections without building a calendar function from scratch? I would appreciate any feedback or ideas.
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Hi @Simon_Adams, welcome!

Would you care to elaborate more on what do you mean by calendaring function. Generally an application’s user interface would have a calendar interface, then only the value selected is stored into a database. There is a separation between the user interface and the database.


Hi Wan,

Many thanks indeed for your reply, much appreciated.What I am trying to achieve at my work place is this:

  • A calendar-based user interface written in PHP to pass on variable to MongoDB fields in collections
  • The app is a repository-like CRM container for staff handling appointments, tasks and events.

In order to shorten development time, I am seeking either a library/function that I can use to act as a go-between our app and MongoDB collections, or simply a script that can be modified to suit our needs. It needs to be well-presented front end to display calendar entries with ability to email, display alerts etc. I know there are some tailored calendars designed for clinic bookings and the like. However, I was just wondering if there is something that standout which could be recommended by MongoDB folks like yourself.
Wan, if the above is inadequate I will be happy to elaborate further.
Once again, many thanks for your kind assistance.
Simon Adams

there have been calendar MODs and extesions over the years but apparently they are not popular enough to keep updating etc by their authors.

the main reason a calendar is not part of the phpbb code is that the original and still valid concept of phpbb is to make a basic bulletin board system. that requires forums and posts and not much else.
anything else is an addon. that includes a calendar.

I would assume the reason why you can’t find too much about a current calendar extension is because there is apparently not that much interest in one.

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