Calendaring function for PHP

Is anyone aware of a complete calendaring function that can be combined with MongoDB and PHP? We are trying to build an app (registering events and tasks) using PHP accessing MongoDB collections without building a calendar function from scratch? I would appreciate any feedback or ideas.
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Hi @Simon_Adams, welcome!

Would you care to elaborate more on what do you mean by calendaring function. Generally an application’s user interface would have a calendar interface, then only the value selected is stored into a database. There is a separation between the user interface and the database.


Hi Wan,

Many thanks indeed for your reply, much appreciated.What I am trying to achieve at my work place is this:

  • A calendar-based user interface written in PHP to pass on variable to MongoDB fields in collections
  • The app is a repository-like CRM container for staff handling appointments, tasks and events.

In order to shorten development time, I am seeking either a library/function that I can use to act as a go-between our app and MongoDB collections, or simply a script that can be modified to suit our needs. It needs to be well-presented front end to display calendar entries with ability to email, display alerts etc. I know there are some tailored calendars designed for clinic bookings and the like. However, I was just wondering if there is something that standout which could be recommended by MongoDB folks like yourself.
Wan, if the above is inadequate I will be happy to elaborate further.
Once again, many thanks for your kind assistance.
Simon Adams