C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Exam Queries

Hi Kushagra,

There two certifications in the list. Both points to same study guide.

  1. MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam
  2. MongoDB Developer Certification

Can you please share topics covered only for “MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam” ?
what’s weightage of each topic in exam ?
How result of exam get published ?
Please guide.

Hi :wave: @Mukesh_Zala,

C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Exam

We recommend this certification for software engineers who have a solid understanding of MongoDB fundamentals and some professional experience developing applications with MongoDB.

  • Exams are web-proctored (online)
  • Exams are open for one week on a monthly basis
  • Duration: 90 minutes / 60 questions
  • Question Type: Multiple choice / Check All that Apply
  • There is no penalty for incorrect answers.

:point_right: Required MongoDB Knowledge

  • Aggregation
  • CRUD Operators
  • Data Modeling
  • Indexing and Performance
  • Philosophy & Features
  • Replication
  • Sharding

The weightage of each topic is eventually equally distributed.

:point_right: Required General IT Knowledge

  • Fundamental database concepts
  • Fundamentals of system programming
  • Basic JavaScript programming
  • Fundamentals of software development

:point_right: Developer Exam Prep Materials

  • Complete all the courses in the Developer Learning Path
  • MongoDB Practice Exam - Build confidence by familiarizing yourself with the subject areas and format of the certification exam. After completing your practice exam, identify knowledge gaps by taking a look at your incorrect answers. Each answer has detailed explanations with links to relevant resources.
  • MongoDB Official Study Guide - It’s a guide to all of the topics on the exam.
  • You should also make use of other recommended preparation materials:

The exam results are released within one week after the exam session for a month closes. For the month of June 2022, the test-takers will receive an email by 30/06/2022 with a detailed performance report.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kind Regards,
Kushagra Kesav

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