C# .Net Driver for Mongo DB 2.11.2


I am using .Net Core with Mongo DB using Driver for .Net. When i use the ReplaceOne option to update my document, its additionally added a field inside the document with the name of the collection name like this _t_Offer this the code i am using for replace option. Its happen for this collection only remaining working as expected.

> public async Task ReplaceSingleElementAsync<T>(string resourceName, T updatedElement) where T : ParseObject
        ReplaceOneResult result = null;

            result = await dataBase.GetCollection<T>(resourceName).ReplaceOneAsync(s => s.Id.Equals(updatedElement.Id), updatedElement,
                                                                                    new ReplaceOptions { IsUpsert = false, BypassDocumentValidation = false });

            if (!result.IsAcknowledged)
                throw new Exception("Not properly updated!");

        catch (Exception exception)
            _logger.LogError(exception.Message, null);