C# Mongodb file upload with revision

I am using 2.11.6 of C# driver. I am trying to upload a document with same file name but it is giving different file id for each upload. According to official document if the file name is same then it will be uploaded as same different revision.

Below is my code sample. Also I am attaching compass image for your reference.

class Program
        static IGridFSBucket gridFSBucket;
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
            IMongoClient mongoClient = new MongoClient("mongodb://localhost:27017");
            IMongoDatabase mongoDatabase = mongoClient.GetDatabase("Test");

            GridFSBucketOptions imageGridBucketOptions = new GridFSBucketOptions()
                BucketName = "Files",
                ChunkSizeBytes = 1048576,
                ReadPreference = ReadPreference.Secondary,
                WriteConcern = WriteConcern.WMajority
            gridFSBucket = new GridFSBucket(mongoDatabase, imageGridBucketOptions);
            byte[] fileBytes = File.ReadAllBytes(@"D:\Screenshot.png");
            gridFSBucket.UploadFromBytes("FileName", fileBytes);


I want to know how to upload the file with same name as different revision.