C#, GUID and MongoDB

Supposedly this topic was beaten to death but no.
Have this, first thing in my code,
BsonSerializer.RegisterSerializer(new GuidSerializer(GuidRepresentation.Standard));

Insert happens fine, i see in Atlas _id: UUID(‘9ad10b5b-50b4-4e35-bd26-393be728215c’)
The LINQ search is not finding it. It comes back with null when id is Guid(‘9ad10b5b-50b4-4e35-bd26-393be728215c’)
return await (await _collection.FindAsync(x => x.id == id)).FirstOrDefaultAsync();

Everything works as soon as i add
BsonDefaults.GuidRepresentation = GuidRepresentation.Standard;

But it says it’s obsolete.

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I also have this issue

Hi there.
Is there any solution you found?